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My biggest regret in life is that I am not nor will ever be a British actor

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Attention L word fans

could someone tell me which episode it is the carmen and shane dramatic kitchen scene ‘you dont wanna be loved or something along those lines’

I need to find it for purposes of finding television scenes for various reasons.


I got to play assistant director today for an acting class which made me happy for a bit. 

watched the new graduate acting class’ dress rehearsal for their first showcase tonight and my two former teachers asked me to give notes to the new kiddies after what I saw. 

And it really made me happy that they respected me enough to be a part of it like that. 

makes me sad that I have no idea what to do next with my life however

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hi please help me pay my rent


ok ill keep this short

hi im ezra im a trans disabled twenty something trying to make it on their own ive been job hunting for 6 months with little luck so far and im pretty much at the end of my money

i dont have enough for rent this month and if i dont pay rent im out

i need $450 for rent by the end of october (plus another $50 for gas/electric and a ltitle more for food would be nice) and id really appreciate it if anyone could help me out

please if you can donate some $$$ to paypal account bonescollide@hotmail.com and if you cant donate can you boost this

ok thanks

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